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The circus is in full swing. Its time to start juggling work, school, homework, dinners, sports, housecleaning, meals, and, and, and…

And that always leads to stress.

I know planning is not fun, necessarily. But it saves your life.

Planning meals is probably one of the most important things you can do. I know that if I don’t have enough meal choices planned for the week, we end up eating out. Bad for the wallet, the waistline, your health, and your energy.

I struggle with that myself. Its hard to plan a week of meals. And there is always at least one day when even the best laid plans fall short. Its really hard to get excited about dinner when you’re getting home at 8 or 9.

The members area has a lot of great tips for fast easy dinners you will look forward to. Click on recipes up at the top and you’ll be whisked right over there.

Most of you own Secret Confession of a Clean Freak, so you have a plan to keep the house clean – no matter how buys life gets. Works great, doesn’t it?

But there are 2 other tips that help save my butt.

Use every spare minute.

While waiting for my daughter to be ready to walk the dog, I knock out a couple of the dishes.

If I know I’m going to be up for a couple of hours, I throw some laundry in. For the most part, the laundry doesn’t need me. It can be running while I do something else.

Anyway – you get the point, right?

The second tip is – do things when they need to be done.

A good example was getting gas. It was still 4.09, and I know I was going to need gas in the next day or so. But no. I put it off. Now I have to get gas, and its 4.29. UGH! No, I didn’t feel like taking the stupid 5 minutes and getting it done. We always pay when we put things off.

And 1 more thing helps save me mentally.

Get exercise.

I’m serious. That 2 mile walk at night helps so much. I’m not saying you have to do anything that extreme, but do something to get your body moving every day. It really helps relieve stress.

That’s how I’m surviving these days.

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1 thought on “Back to school survival tips

  1. Fiona

    Thanks Carole for these handy tips. I multitask quite a bit at home as I have four children to take care of, and hardly get a minute to myself. I’ve seem nyself reading a story out loud, and peeling potatoes at the same time lol. That’s the way I use every available minute.
    Getting things ready the day before is a biggie when there are so many of us, and also this year, we’re at last moving house (in about 3 weeks ;-)) Your housecleaning plans have helped me here, and they’ll continue to help me over there too. With so many “Pans on the Stove” it is easy to stress, but keeping on top of everything, and enjoying at least one thing each day helps to keep me sane!

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