At Least the House is Clean

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  Today was a bad day. It just was. Nothing went right. Everything was frustrating. I was more tired than usual. Just a bad day. And it wasn’t just me. Everyone seemed to be having trouble today. Everyone seemed a little out of it, frustrated and overwhelmed. I was looking around and I thought “at least my house is clean.” I know that sounds crazy, but I was already using the 3 dinner plan – so I didn’t have to stress about that, and the house is clean and calm. I know I can clean off my desk, take a nice hot shower and get a fresh start tomorrow. When I get up in the morning – everything will be clean and ready to go. No distractions. Hopefully minimial stress. Dinner is planned. Yep, tomorrow will be a better day. I’m ready. If you haven’t picked up your copy of Live Your Life by Design Instead of by Accident – look for the lime green cover over to your right and get your free copy.

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