Are you not cleaning house to ‘punish them’?

unhappy wifeThere’s something I hear so often I felt that I need to address it.

“No one helps me. I shouldn’t have to do it all. It’s just not fair!”

I agree! It’s infuriating!

They can’t walk their dishes to the sink…and forget scraping and rinsing…

No one can empty an overflowing waste can…

Oh, don’t get me started. I can feel my blood pressure rising!

Here’s the thing – you have to live there. Do you want to live like that to ‘punish’ them?

Guess What?

They don’t really care.

As a matter of fact, this backfires horribly.

Once you stop cleaning, you are telling them that its really OK to live like that. And, it gets worse. My friend’s house was horrific!

The funny thing is – when you do keep things cleaned up, they are better. Oh, they still don’t help – but they don’t make as much of a mess either. Dishes make it to the sink more often. Garbage makes it to the can.

If your kids are young enough, I’ve found it effective to make them wait while I finish cleaning something. You know, like when they need a ride somewhere…

Or, the old stand-by – no one comes over when the house is a mess…

Send the clear message that a clean home is important to you.

While it may seem unfair – Ultimately, you’ll feel better. You won’t have the stress of the mess, and you’ll be able to enjoy your home. And you won’t be embarrassed if someone stops over.

Do it for you.

To make it easier –

Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak will show you how to keep your house clean with hardly any effort. (but let them think you’re slaving away!)

Its how I do it.

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1 thought on “Are you not cleaning house to ‘punish them’?

  1. Craig

    Not many of us really enjoy cleaning to be fair and though it’s nice to have a tidy show room house, it’s not really the reality if someone living their. We tidy our house a few times a few but with a little one there are always some toys on the floor but we don’t stress over it too much.

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