Are You Ignoring Body Maintenance?


Nutrition is something that’s just not taken very seriously these days. For some odd reason, people believe that they can fill their body with tons of foreign chemicals and ignore the proper fuels – and somehow expect that it will keep running.


I’m going to try to explain the importance of taking care of your body in a way that most people can understand. I’m going to compare it to your car.


Your car is a complex union of a number of mechanical parts that all must work together in a synchronized way for your car to run smoothly without sputtering, choking, or breaking down. All it takes is for one wire to be loose, or one fluid to be low, and the whole system breaks down.


You have the alternator, the battery, the fuel injection, the transmission, and many other parts that all must work together. Each part has it’s own maintenance and fuel requirements.


Now – Picture that your body is a precision, high performance piece of machinery.


When your body is running perfectly –


Your blood pressure is stabilized at its perfect level

You weight is automatically controlled

All of your nutrient levels are met and maintained


Blood flows, heart pumps, lungs deliver oxygen, kidneys and liver remove toxins, digestive systems delivers stores of nutrients and removes waste, joints move smoothly – all systems work in perfect concert.


The fuels that your body needs come mostly from a balanced diet of fresh foods. You don’t necessarily need to know what specific nutrients you need for your eyes, or heart, or brain – you just need to focus on providing enough good fuel.


The majority of the nutrients that your body needs come from fresh fruits and vegetables.


That’s problem #1. Most people do not eat nearly enough fresh fruits and vegetables. 


So now your body is already hobbling along because it’s not getting the proper fuels.


Now add the chemical compounds that are passing as food these days. Now the works really start to get messed up –


Your arteries start to clog up

Your weight control mechanism fouls out

Your sugar regulators short out

Your memory and brain functions start to slow

Inflamed joints start to grind

Your cellular structure becomes weakened and starts to mutate.


Think about how rust spreads on a car. There’s one spot where the protection is damaged – and that’s all it takes. Except in your body, it’s not rust – it’s cancer.


You’re probably thinking about getting your car ready for winter. But have you thought about body maintenance?


If you have a healthy body, you can always get another car.


Think about that.




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1 thought on “Are You Ignoring Body Maintenance?

  1. Debbie

    Ok…so I am the sister that fell back on the healthy eating and vitamins…well today after a conversation with Carole I realized I do need to start again….I went shopping today and got my romaine, cucumber, carrots, oranges, watermelon, apples, pears, orange juice, apple cranberry juice. Tonight I have already had my salad with all of the fresh stuff I got…yummie. I am going to go back to my healthy anti inflammatory diet and yes…take my vitamins…mutivitamin…magnesium…vitamin C…glucosamine….I even have a little greens vitamin I take. My 19 year old was here a couple of weeks ago and I found I even fell off the fresh foods and found myself eathing quick fatty food. I am super excited to have all this fresh food in my house and my mouth is watering just thinking of all the great foods I can make from Caroles recipes. She always tells me use different spices. She was always the meal maker in the family and I was always the baker in the family. This all does in fact work if anyone has doubts. All of the advice Carole gives is true. I am even able to go days without taking the other medications with no inflammatory issues…Thanks Carole for being my motivator as well as my big sis!!!

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