Are You Caught in “The System”


It starts in the lab.


People want foods that are easy to prepare, and cheap. But to create a packaged real food would be nearly impossible. So they create foods using chemicals. These chemical ‘foods’ are cheap to manufacture.


They load these fake foods with corn syrup and salt to make them taste better. Their taste buds become used to these foreign flavors after a while. In your mind, you think you’ve eaten good food. But your body? As the old saying goes, you can’t fool mother nature.


Your body starts to break down. It has to. No living creature was ever meant to eat these foreign substances. Not one. Not dogs, cats, fish, birds, cows, chickens, or humans.


People start to get lethargic and lazy. There’s no fuel to keep the body running. Energy diminishes to the point where people can barely make it through the day. They are fatigued and depressed.


People begin to get fat. They have to. It’s only natural. They’re eating foods filled with corn syrup, and not getting exercise because they have no energy or motivation to do anything.


Having no energy, people sit in front of the TV or the Internet, or play video games – where the system can continually fill their minds with whatever they want them to think.


Large numbers of people begin to get sick.


The pharmaceutical industry comes to the rescue!


“Don’t you worry about a thing, we’ve got a pill to solve every problem.”


“Come one, come all! We’ve got pills to cure your depression, give you energy, help you lose weight, and relieve the symptoms of any illness you have developed!”


But that doesn’t work for long. The pills only treat symptoms – they don’t cure the problems. They can’t. The problems are caused by lack of nutrition. You’ve heard of drug-resistant bacteria, super-bugs, and now drug-resistant hypertension, right? Yep, even the blood pressure meds aren’t working anymore. Drugs don’t cure the problem, they only mask it. 


Next people are shuffled into medical ‘treatments’, stints, bypasses, transplants, chemo, radiation…


Eventually people will die, either from the original disease, or the ‘treatments’ themselves. But that’s OK with the system. It was never about people. The system is only in place to make money. Period. And now they’ve got the kids in their clutches.


The cycle continues.


Tune in tomorrow for crisis in the boardroom.




Are you ready to escape “The System”?

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