Are you boycotting BP?

I’m curious. How many of you have stopped buying BP gas?

I just read an article where BP is asking for tax breaks to help them clean up the spill.

Excuse me? You sidestep safety regulations, cause a big disaster, and then you want taxpayers to help you clean up your mess?

You know what really pisses me off about all of this government bailout stuff? Why is it that they have an inherent right to stay in business? If you or I are incompetant in our business dealings, we’re done, right? We don’t have any inalienable right to stay in business.

Will the world survive if we have one less big company raping us?

2 thoughts on “Are you boycotting BP?

  1. Micki

    BP isn’t just another oil company; they have the WORST record, by hundreds of violations, of any of the oil companies doing business in this country. Not only have they been cited over 300 times in the past couple of years, they have also been responsible for the deaths of dozens of their employees and contractors, d/t their “aggressive” cost cutting in the area of safety.

  2. Quinton

    Our family will not buy gas at a BP station. We will however shop at the store attached. It’s not their fault BP sucks. I believe alot of mom and pop businesses are going to suffer because of this. They are the ones who need our support. Screw BP, let them fail.

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