Appreciating little things

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View from Parliament's terrace

View from Parliament’s terrace (Photo credit: stevenjbaker)

Do you make it a point to stop and appreciate what is going on around you each day?

So many people don’t. I was out kicking around in the water a little bit today with my neighbor. I’ve been rubbing off on her. Imagine that 😉

She is a work-a-holic. “I have bills coming up. I have unplanned expenses. I have high blood pressure. I have no friends.”

You know – we all have bills and unplanned expenses, and anxiety and stress and, and, and.

But you can’t just let life pass you by. 

If its a nice day, I make it a point to get outside for a while and appreciate it. In a couple of months, you’ll be kicking yourself for missing the summer.

If there is a super moon, or mars is visible and its a clear night – I make it a point to go out and see it if I can.

Tonight for some reason, the mosquitoes came out a little later. I got to sit and appreciate a warm summer evening, and what seemed like hundreds of fireflies. It was really cool. Just everywhere you looked there were little blinks of light.

I also have a hard time sitting and doing nothing. This year I have weed therapy. We have tons of creeping charlie. Its funny. My neighbor will come out and sit on the grass and we’ll be talking. A few minutes later, she is mindlessly pulling it out too. Another neighbor was laughing. He said I’m like Huck Finn. It gets me outside, and satisfies my constant need to be doing something. And its relaxing.

So, she has been making an effort to get outside a little everyday. And we actually talk. It used to be that she was constantly on the cell phone. She really doesn’t do that around me much any more. I think I made it clear that really annoyed me.

Oh, and she’s given up pop, and she’s eating a little more consciously. She feels better. Imagine that.

And she’s making an attempt to clean up her house.Granted, she is an ebay seller and it is a small house. Its never going to be pristine. But it used to look like a bomb went off. She couldn’t have company. There was no place to walk, let alone sit.

Imagine what living next door to me must be like…

Here’s the next best thing –