Anyone Seen My Ark?

Primeval rain

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Rain, rain, rain. Tomorrow – rain with a chance of sun. Thursday, partyl sunny and cold. Friday, rain. Saturday, rain. Sunday, rain. Monday, rain. Tuesday, rain. Wednesday, rain. Thursday rain.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to eat off any surface in my home. This is ridiculous already!

We’ve got to find something to do to brighten things up around here!

Got any suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “Anyone Seen My Ark?

  1. Beth Earle

    Ideas for you:If it’s legal where you live, you could collect the rainwater for later use. You could dye eggs & decorate your house for Easter or Earth day or do other crafts. Catch up on reading good books or magazines. Use the special bulbs for your lamps that are supposed to be similar to sunshine for those who have seasonal effective disorder. Think about all the beautiful flowers & green grass you’ll have soon, if you don’t already.Send the rain to my town.

    We could sure use the rain here in dry Colorado where we have extreme fire danger at the moment after a mild winter of very little moisture.It’s straw color or brown instead of green. I do appreciate all the sunny days here though.
    Beth EarleĀ“s last blog post ..Earth Day Thoughts

  2. Carole

    Those are some good ideas Beth!

    I decided to take a different track and

    1. enjoy wearing my favorite sweaters another time
    2. bake cookies
    3. make a last pot of chili

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