Another Voice on the so called Food Safety Bill

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I’m hoping that you took some action and at least signed the petition to change language outlawing small farms and home gardens contained in the so called food safety bill. I’m working on putting together information on the Monsanto nightmare in case you haven’t heard what they’re about. If you’ve read High Energy Eating, you did get a little – but not enough to truly describe the true horrors of what’s going on.

Here is a video that gives a little more information –


If you want to see the true magnitude – just head over to YouTube and type Monsanto in the search box. Prepare to be horrifed.

What you need to do NOW –

1. Contact your congressional respresenetatives.

2. Refuse to eat any food that contains GMOs – which is most packaged foods.

3. Support local farmers.

4. Head over to Rebel With a Fork to learn the truth about healthy food, and to pick up tons of healthy recipes. Do it now while you still have the right. You can’t imagine the consequences. I’ll be writing more on that in a future post.



2 thoughts on “Another Voice on the so called Food Safety Bill

  1. Sugar Jones

    This is the stuff that makes me crazy! Why doesn’t the government write a bill to stop stuffing our stomach with GMOs? Uggg!! Thanks for sharing this. So important to pass along.

  2. Sure Fit Inc.

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