Another healthy eating victory!

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I saw a dear lady last week. She is in her 70s and suffers from diabetes, neueropathy, gout, fatigue, breathing problems, brought on by obesity. We’ve never talked about the numbers, but I would say she is 400 lbs. She had trouble walking.

I’ve known her for a couple of years now. And if you know me at all, you know I’ve been nagging her about eating better. She would always tell me she is doing the best she can.

Well, the last bout of gout finally broke her.

I would love to say that I am responsible for the change. To some extent that is true. But in the end, she finally got tired of being sick and tired.

But here’s the most exciting part –

A couple of weeks ago, she was putting together a couple new outdoor chairs. That was different. She said that she was making changes to her diet and doing what she needs to do. Little did I realize that she was serous this time!

This time, I was planning on taking her patio furniture in for her. It was gone. I said, “Did someone come and help with the patio furniture?”

She beamed as she said, “I did it myself. You won’t believe how much better I feel, and the results are so fast!”

Wow, wow, wow. I was so happy for her! Her daughter is blown away too.

She is planning on working on walking more. Its like she has a new lease on life.

So, just what is she doing?

> She is making her own food. No more instant crutches.

> She is eating mostly vegetables and beans. She has cut down significantly on gluten and meat.

> She is drinking more water.

That’s it.

Now I have to say that most people don’t have those kinds of results that quickly, but she is serious. She is determined to never have gout again. It was that bad for her.

She also said that she really isn’t missing her old way of eating as long as the food is seasoned well.

Now I’ve been coaching her for a long time now. She said that knowing what to do was a big hurdle.

While I can’t coach everyone individually, I do have a program that might help you if you’re ready to move toward healthier eating. You can check out this healthy eating program here…

I would love to hear more success stories! It makes me so happy when I see these kinds of changes. It literally hurts me to see people suffering when they don’t have to. If you are ready to change, I will help you as much as I can. That is my promise to you.


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    It is all about us. Us being responsible for our outcome. It was a good deed of you Carole. Even though she stand up and put an end on her unhealthy habit. You are the biggest help that she had.

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