Another adventure in build-it-yourself furniture

You might remember my adventures with my daughter’s build-it-yourself platform bed last year. I thought they just delivered it to the wrong house, not realizing that my house is in back.

OK, stupid me. It turns out that all this build-it-yourself stuff is curb delivery. They don’t bring it in the house for you. Its just one guy, and he doesn’t even have a dolly. I didn’t know that.

So, the build-it-yourself closet came last Thursday. It was supposed to be here by 9 AM, or earlier. I had to leave by 10 AM to be to work on time. He calls at like 9:15 – stuck in traffic. He gets here about 20 minutes later.

The 2 boxes weigh 245 pounds. Being a really nice guy, he offers to help me get them into the house. We got the 110 pound box in, but I could not do the 135 pound box. Not one after the other. Having a desk job is killing me! We had to leave the other box and I carried it in piece by piece.

It took me 15 minutes just to get to the pieces. It was securely packed in 1x2s that I had to unscrew just to get to the inner box. That is actually cool. I can use that wood to make a temporary wall to wall off another storage area. Yes, seriously.

Mahogony stand alone closet

Building the cabinet was pretty straightforward. Thank heaven for rechargeable screw drivers! Its a big piece – 48 inches wide by 72 inches high. The door were a little heavy and awkward when I was trying to line up the hinges. They’re still not 100% right, but at least it was ready to use by the time my daughter got here Saturday. We would have been up a creek without it.

Guess what else I found? A build it yourself couch! I’m thinking about it…

Now we just have to somehow filter the rest of the stuff into it’s new home. We have a charity pick up on Wednesday morning – so our challenge is to see how much stuff we can give away. The upstairs is presentable, but the family room is going to take some work.

Now to catch up on the other stuff – the floors are trashed and there’s no food in the house.

Do you suffer from Packratitis?

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  1. Dan

    Good job… Those things are a pain, specially when it comes to hanging the doors right.

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