An Oddly Memorable Christmas

This was a very odd holiday season for us. Not bad, just weird. Last year, I had a house full for holiday dinners. This year, it was just Emma and I. Everyone had someplace else they needed to be this year.

Emma has been fighting a cold, and the weather has been just horrible, so it really turned out for the best. We baked cookies, made a great dinner, played cards, listened to Christmas music, and just enjoyed each other’s company.

We ate when we got around to it, like 6:30. No stress, no rush.

The turkey turned out wonderful. My daughter says my stuffing is amazing. If you have a teenager, you know amazing is like the highest rating.

I treasure every moment like these. She’s getting older, and these moments will become fewer and farther between. But what really warms my heart is that she treasures these times too. I must have done something right.

So while our Christmas wasn’t big and festive, it was loving and warm, and memorable in it’s own way.

I hope your celebration was great too.

Did you have something memorable happen? Funny? Leave a comment and share your story!






2 thoughts on “An Oddly Memorable Christmas

  1. Janet

    We too had a quieter, less “spendy” Christmas. And it was one of the best!
    Had my children and grandchildren underfoot and loved it.
    Life is too short, time passes too quickly. Enjoy while we can!

  2. Leilani Vignaux

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