An apple a day at $100 a bottle?

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You already know that most natural foods have the ability to prevent, and in some cases – cure disease. Its not rocket science. If you eat nutritious foods, you give your body the power it needs to keep you healthy.

Eating healthier is a growing trend. And its catching the eye of the drug companies. As people get more suspicious of what’s in our drugs – what better way to market than to say that the drug is made from a natural food that you already are comfortable with?

It’s always about the money – not your health. Remember that.

Anyway – in the here we go again category – now a new discovery in apples is making the news. There is a substance in apples that helps prevent blood clots.

Those of use who study nutrition love this kind of news. But it seems that the drug companies love it even more. And what’s even better? The FDA has created the perfect landscape for drug companies to use this knowledge for even more profit.

Now bear in mind that ‘we the people’ are not allowed to say that apples prevent blood clots, or turmeric kills cancer cells, or that broccoli can help prevent breast cancer, or that blueberries reduce your risk of heart attack. Nope – there is not enough research to prove these claims. But drug companies can make a drug of it and make those claims. And because research already exists, they don’t have to test it.

Does that make any sense?

You can read more about this lopsided regulatory landscape here –

You can find out more about the superpowers of everyday natural foods here –

With the elections coming up – you might want to know how your congressmen and women voted on health issues. Here’s a good run down of how some of them voted on natural health issues. Personally – I’m willing to bet that Durbin is being paid by Monsanto. He’ll kill us all off for a buck. Just my opinion.

Anyway, that’s today’s installment of nonsense in the news…


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