An American Day

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OK, so where’s mother been the last couple of days?


Yesterday, we went up to the Milwaukee Zoo with my sister and her significant other. (Boyfriend sounds so weird at our age.)


We’ve been so spoiled with the Brookfield Zoo, and the Lincoln Park Zoo. This Zoo was disappointing in comparison. Very small. but, for a small zoo, they did have some things I had never seen before –like –


The baboon that looks like Rafiki in the Lion King – who was one of my favorite characters by the way…


The smallest wild cat – which was the size of a half grown house cat, and cut as a button.


A mouse deer – which is a deer the size of a house cat.


We couldn’t find some of the exhibits, like the meerkats. And a lot of the animals were not visible, or not very active. Except the tiger and the cheetah. They both acted like penned up animals with a lot of energy to burn. They were pacing and pacing. Imagine your kids after a couple of rainy days.


It wasn’t very hot, so it was a beautiful day to be outside. You know that’s where I like to be!


My sister took us to this cute little place for dinner. Apple Holler. Most of the menu is made with apples. Emma and I had the maple, mustard chicken with apples and pecans. It was served with apple baked beans, cooked apples, and the vegetable of the day which happened to be zucchini, squash, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. Oh, and cornbread with apple butter. And then you got to pick another side dish! Good ol American eating!


No room for dessert L


They had all kind of apple pies, fritters, crisps, turnovers, donuts, and huge caramel apples. They had bags of huge fresh apples, strawberries, blueberries, and cherries. And of course all kinds of jams and jellies and maple syrups. Good thing this place isn’t real close. I’d be in trouble! We bought some stuff to take home. Still haven’t touched it. Oh well – later…


Today, it’s kind of cool and rainy. So, I’m going to try to figure out a solution to my design problem here. If you see things moving around, or disappearing – you know I’m working on it. Emma is going out tonight, so maybe I can concentrate a little!


I got an interesting email today. It led me to

I wonder which side is really the minority. Does what’s happened to America make you want to cry? Or do you think that these changes have made it better?


Chuck Slate’s latest book, “The Demise of America: (As We KNEW It),” points out 34 things which can and should be done.


I’m reserving comment for now. I don’t want to influence what anyone has to say.