All that fun = fatter belly – thinner wallet?

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Its summertime and the alcohol is flowing. Lots of food, fun, and drinks.

The food is great this time of year. Its easy to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein. You’re outside and active. But the belly is growing anyway?

Its happening to my 21 year old daughter. I was substantially heavier when I was a drinker.

Alcoholic drinks are very calorie intense –

1.5 ounces of your typical vodka, whiskey, gin… is 98 calories, before you add anything else…

A 12 ounce beer is around 150 calories. Light beer is around 110.

5 ounces of wines fall in the 90 – 100 calorie range. Sweet wines are more. Surprisingly, Champagne is only 84. But it gives most people a vicious headache. Mimosa is great, but it will make you really, really lazy.

A traditional martini is only 124 calories, but now they are adding all kinds of stuff to make a zillion different kinds of martinis to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

The other problem is the cost! If you’ve run a tab on your credit card, you know what I’m talking about. I have a friend who says he spends around $100 a day. He’s really nice, buying everyone drinks all of the time.

So, here’s the thing – I like UV Blue and Lemonade if I feel like I have to have a drink. But do I like it that much more than just an ice cold glass of fresh lemonade that I’m willing to take in twice the calories and pay what, 3 or 4 times more for a drink? Will that shot of vodka make my day that much more fun?

I like a good cold beer once in a while. Do I need 6 beers to have fun? As a matter of fact, more than one beer will take away from my fun in both energy and money.

Personally, getting sloppy and lazy ruins my summer fun. I have too much I have to do, and too much I want to do to give up any of my energy reserves.

I understand the draw of drinking. I used to be a heavy drinker. You’ll have more energy, more fun, and more money without it. Not to mention a much thinner body. Oh, and no risk of losing your license. And you’ll be less likely to do something stupid that you may regret.

They say that more than 2 drinks a day is bad for your health. One or two drinks may actually be good for you. If you want to drink, have a drink or two and stop.

Just like if you want ice cream, eat a scoop or two – not the whole carton. Or if you want cake, take a piece – not half the cake.

Instead of riding the pendulum swings of extremes, practice moderation in all things and you’ll be surprised at how much better your life will become.




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  1. Leanne Chesser

    Yes, moderation in all things is a good philosophy. I used to drink, but not anymore, actually. It does not agree with me anymore. The only thing I may have from time to time is a glass of red wine . . . but I forget when the last time even was!
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