All Gussied Up

My grandmother used to say that. Anyway, the website is all pretty now. I think I’ve gotten all the residual problems that kept popping up all weekend.

Special thanks to Dan for helping me with the last issues that I could not figure out. I know you’ve seen him in the comments often.  If you’ve ever wondered – here are his websites

Let me know what you think of the new design!
And if you find any more problems – please let me know.
I’m brain dead now. I’m off to take a shower and get some rest to start off the work week.
I hope you had a great weekend. I don’t even know who won the superbowl. How sad is that?
Oh well, have a great Monday!
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2 thoughts on “All Gussied Up

  1. Sophia

    Carole! I appreciate your efforts, but personally I liked the earlier design better – I mean, I loved the earlier photo on the top of the web page, and the old background color & font size were more eye-friendly I felt.. just a personal taste..
    Luv ur writings..:)

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