Al Capone really was here

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I found out today that Al Capone really did hang out at my house. There were stories of him hanging around in the area, but to think that he was really here in this room is pretty weird.

The son of the people who owned this property just after it was still a resort had stopped by to visit the area. I wasn’t home.

They visited with my neighbor and told her the story of how Al Capone’s counterfeiting plates were found under my house.

This house was raised and a basement was put underneath. That’s when they found them. Out of the 5 cabins that were once here, only 2 remain.

Now everyone can stop wondering where the plates are. They were taken away by the FBI years ago…

I always try to picture what it must have been like when this was the summer playground for the rich. This adds a whole new dimension…

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