Addicted to Miracle Tea

OK, so I’m a late comer to the green tea trend. I’ve never
been a tea lover. And really, it tastes pretty good. But
it’s miracle qualities is what’s getting me addicted.

Here’s an exerpt about green tea from the food guides
contained in High Energy Eating

‘Green Tea
Polyphenols (heart disease, stroke and cancer), and antioxidants.
Make sure to dunk your tea bag a few times to release more of
the antioxidants into the water. Drinking Green or black tea
with a high fat meal reduces some of the artery clogging. The
antioxidants help keep your blood vessels open. It also contains
theanin, which is shown to reduce stress. Green tea may even
rejuvenate dying skin cells.

Green and black teas also may increase your immune system
to fight infection. Green tea contains EGCG, which stops the
adenovirus (cold virus) from reproducing. At the first sign of
a cold, drink green tea.

Green Tea also contains L-Theanine. I’ve seen Green Tea
from China called ‘one of the oldest calming mood-stabilizers
known to man’. Theanine increases dopamine production in
the brain. This helps improve your focus, concentration,
learning, and memory – all without the jitters many people
get from coffee.

It is believed that the natural phytochemicals in green tea may
help prevent and repair damage to cells and may inhibit the
ability of carcinogens to damage cells. A study done in China
observed a group of women with ovarian cancer. The study
found that the women who drank at least 1 cup of green tea
per day were twice as likely to survive the cancer.

And, green tea increases your metabolism, helping your burn
more fat. ‘

OK, I don’t need anything else that speeds up my metabolism –
but everything else about this super food are great reasons
to get addicted. Make my skin look better, I can think better,
be in a better mood, prevent cancer, cure colds, sheesh.

I’m always trying to add more super-foods to my diet – and
this one will be a staple!

My daughter was suprised to see green tea in the pantry.
She tells me she knows people are drinking green tea to
remove traces of drugs in their systems in case of
a drug test. I don’t know about that one. And I’m a little
upset that my 14 year old daughter would be having
conversations like that. But she’s always interested in
what foods do, so that’s a good thing.

As a matter of fact, there are 111 listings in the ‘super-food’
section of High Energy Eating. And none of them are tofu or
weird foods you can only buy in health food stores.

Stay tuned. I’ll be leaking more reasons to get addicted to
healthy eating.

Talk to you soon.


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’





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    I really love the High Energy series Carole. The package is chock-full of information and was the best $60 I spent in a long while. I’m on the skinny side, always trying to gain weight. This book helped me too! More importantly I rediscovered my lost energy, ate foods recommended to help me gain, and felt 100% better. Thanks Carole.

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