Adapting to Life’s Changes

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I’ve been working on adapting to my new schedule, and I’ve been pretty proud of myself. The house is clean, I’ve been eating well, I’m getting back to posting a little more regularly…

But I have to tell you – I haven’t been feeling too good, and I could not figure out why. I’ve been drinking less coffee and more water. I’ve been smoking less. I’ve been eating well. What the heck?

Oh sure, there’s been a lot of stress lately – new job, taxes, blizzard, car problems, new (used) car, car payment…

And my sleep schedule has been a struggle, but I’m getting at least 6 hours. I shouldn’t be feeling this bad.

I figured it out tonight. I was listening to a teleseminar, and pacing. Suddenly I realized that I felt better. That was it! I’m not getting enough exercise. I’m working a desk job, and my daughter took her dog – so I’m barely getting any exercise.

Its a relief to have it figured out. I was thinking I was going to need that new insurance. Whew!

Maybe I need to take up Yoga. Kill 2 birds with one stone – exercise and stress reduction.  

Sometimes half the battle is figuring out the problem.  

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1 thought on “Adapting to Life’s Changes

  1. Beth Earle

    You are a person normally full of high-energy Carole, so I’m not surprised you figured out you need more daily exercise like you are used to.

    Yesterday I just finished physical therapy, which had me working out twice a week plus doing exercises at home in between over the past few months.

    I’m now walking to town and back again. This summer I’ll be hiking the trails above town. As soon as I am driving again I plan to get an inexpensive membership to a place about 8 miles away which has a swimming pool and exercise equipment. I love to swim and want to continue to work out using the machines also to keep my upper body moving better instead of being stiff and freezing up again. Health and fitness have become much more important to me. You are a real encouragement to me in this regard. Thank you!
    Beth Earle´s last blog post ..Special Song About Love

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