Actions speak louder than words

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I was reading a post over at Ninja Mom Diaries, about keeping your word to your kids – and it started me thinking about all the things I’ve seen parents to that really irk me.

Do your actions match your words? What is the message you are really sending?

Is your kid going to listen to you and go clean their room when the rest of the house looks like a bomb went off? If a clean home is important to you, clean the house.

You tell them to eat their vegetables. Are you eating a healthy diet?

“Pop isn’t good for you.” How many do they see you drinking every day?

“Don’t put things off until the last minute.” What about you?

“You need to try your best.” Are you? Or are you giving excuses?

This one always got me – People will sit and watch shows not appropriate for kids and tell their kids to go away, don’t bother me. Message sent – these sleazy shows are more important than you. Oh, you might not think so, but I’ve heard kids in their 20s comment about their parents doing that and how it made them feel.

And its not just your kids –

How little does it make you feel when you are trying to have a conversation with someone and all they can do is look at their phone every 30 seconds, or they ‘have to take this call?” Doesn’t it make you feel like you should just fade into the woodwork?

Can you think of more examples where people’s actions don’t match up with their words?

Can you think of examples where your actions don’t match up with your words?

We all do it to some extent. Most of us don’t intentionally want to make people feel bad.

Society tells us that its OK to not do your best. To slack whenever possible. That to work hard is bad.

Look where that has gotten us.

I think it is much more fulfilling to give it your best every day. I do have to add that we have to know our limitations and be rational to some extent, but nothing great was ever achieved by doing as little as possible.

And if you want your kids to live their best life, you have to lead by example. Live by the standards that you say are important.

And for heavens sake, put down the phone and pay attention to the people in front of you. Show them that they are important.

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