A typical morning


If I weren’t organized and disciplined, I would die – I swear.

I got up late this morning.

The dog was moaning to go out.

The cats were squawking to be fed.

The coffee pot wasn’t set in the holder correctly, so it was overflowing.

My boss was calling on the phone with a question.

It was only 45 degrees when I took the dog out.

Besides all of the goose poop, there was the biggest pile of poop I had ever seen in my life. I don’t know what left it! Between the cats, the dog, the geese and the wildlife, you could say my life is full of crap 🙂

I bought some really pretty petunias to plant – but it’s still too cold to realy enjoy being outdoors. I’ll still have to get them in the ground, but it won’t be much fun having to do it bundled up.

There’s tons of little dead fish. Usually it’s warm enough to get in the water and clean it up by now. Ok, myabe not tons, probably more like a dozen – it just feels like tons.

I guess I’ll throw in some laundry and get on with my day.

I hope your morning went a little smoother!



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