A sign of a wasted life or a life of value?

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Recently there was another viral post going around Facebook.

It had a triangle with Clean House, Happy Kids, and Sanity as its 3 points. The meme said you could pick 2 of the 3.

Everyone hops on this crap. Oh yeah, me too…

Why? Its pretty clear that most people yearn to have all 3. Why is it so popular to hop on the slug wagon?

The other one that gets me is the one about a clean house being a sign of a wasted life.

Is having a clean, calm home where there is less stress and people can relax a sign of a wasted life?

There was a study done a few years ago that showed that people behaved better in a cleaner environment. If you have a piece of garbage in your hand and there is no garbage on the ground, you are less likely to throw yours on the ground, but if there is already garbage all over, then what the heck, right?

What message are you sending when you let your house fall into disarray?

  • Is that that you don’t value what you have?
  • Is it that you don’t value a clean, nice looking home enough to put forth the effort?
  • that you’re just a lazy slob?

Or is it that you can ‘t figure out how to get it all done?

As a working single mom for many years, I think that its really a matter of overwhelm – of not knowing how to get it done without killing yourself. I went through years of exasperation. My values dictated that my home be clean, but reality was that was nearly impossible to accomplish.  I was lucky enough to figure out a system that is easy to manage. With a little bit of effort, I could have a clean inviting home without killing myself.

If I’m right about you, you value a calm, clean, nurturing home. You understand that it is important for you and your family to be able to relax, unwind, and get your head on straight before you have to face the world again. You know that is important for mental health and clear thinking. You know that you will perform better at work and at school when you can start each day refreshed and calm.

But yes, it takes some effort. I know you think its a lot of hard effort. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be.

Like any change that requires a bit of motivation, you need to ask yourself why you would want to bother. Here are a few things that having a clean house can do for you and your family –

– Walking into a clean environment can be instantly calming

-Because there is less tension in the air, everyone will be more relaxed. You won’t  have as much bickering and negativity.

– You can shake off the stress of the day and when you return to the world tomorrow, you will be refreshed and ready to take on the day.

– You will be more likely to make healthy dinners.

– Your clarity and calm will carry through the day. You won’t be as easily flustered. You’ll perform better at work. Your kids will perform better at school.

– Your kids will be more likely to stay home.

– Your sense of accomplishment, self confidence, and pride will soar.

I know this all may sound a bit crazy at first. All of this from a clean house?

How do you feel when you’ve cleaned the house for an event? It feels good, doesn’t it? You feel proud of your home. Now imagine those feelings without the stress of a party. Having that clean home just for you and your family. Can you picture it?

What’s the first thing you do when you’re done cleaning? A lot of people say they stand back and look at it. It feels so good!

After you’ve lived in your clean house for a couple of weeks, you will feel profound changes.

I know that you want to have a clean, calm, comfortable home. Make the mental shift to make this a priority, and get your self on a system to make it easier.

If you want to use my system, you can check it out here – 

If you want to make your own system, do a cleaning task every night that will take you just 15-30 minutes. That’s how I started developing my system. Nothing too hard or you won’t stick with it. You’ll make more progress doing a little at a time than you will doing nothing, right?

Don’t strive for perfection, especially at first. You will find that as you stick with it, the cleaning gets easier. You won’t have build up to break through. What used to take time to scrub will soon take just a minute to wipe. Make sense?

As a matter of fact, one of the biggest time saving things you can do is to wipe the stove right away. You will hardly have to clean the stove.

Here’s another one – Get a squeegee from the dollar store and keep it in the shower. Squeegee down the walls and shower doors if you have them. You will have cut your bathroom cleaning time down to just minutes!

I’m even crazier. I don’t want to spend my weekends cleaning house. I get it all done during the week, leaving my weekends for whatever I want to do, even if that is just enjoying relaxing in my nice clean home.

You can have it all. Don’t buy into the popular B.S.

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