A Senseless Death


It’s been sort of a lost day for me. I’m just emotionally burned out. Besides all of the other chaos in my life – Yesterday was Mary’s funeral.

Mary and I were not close. I really only saw her at family type events. My daughter and me were sort of included in family events since we don’t really have much family of our own.

I know, I write about my sisters, but they are both half sisters, and it’s a long, long story….

Anyway – I never really saw Mary in a day-to-day real life situation. I knew that she did everything for her husband and kids. Heck, her husband can’t even make himself a sandwich. She waited on them hand and foot. The kids are not little, 17, 18, 20… And they all walked all over her.

But – I never knew that multitudes of kids hung out at her house. You should have seen how many kids were at her funeral. There were more kids than adults. I heard she was always there to help whenever a kid had troubles.

Which makes this senseless death even more upsetting.

I heard over and over again that Mary put other’s needs ahead of her own.

But what she apparently didn’t stop to consider was that they really needed her healthy and alive.

Mary has had numerous health problems over the years. And all of it could have been avoided if only she would have eaten right.

It seems that over the summer she decided that she felt fine and stopped taking her medicines. I’m sure finances also had something to do with her decision, since again, she was always putting everyone else’s needs ahead of her own.

That might have been OK if she had herself on a proper diet and was taking the right supplements. At least that would have improved her odds. But she didn’t.

I know if I start feeling the least bit bad, I get myself back to eating healthier.  I don’t understand why more people don’t take this seriously. I just want to scream!

Everyday, more people will be put on meds with dangerous side effects, or be subjected to surgeries (which carry their own risks), or die needlessly, when all they had to do was change their diet.

I think it’s all very sad. How about you?



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