A relaxing weekend?



Not much is really planned for this weekend. After working 6 days a week the last couple of weeks, its just what the doctor ordered.

I just came back from the grocery store where I got my fruits and veggies for the weekend. I spend most of my time in the produce section picking the best of everything. One man got annoyed with me saying, “Are you going to touch every one of those?”

Yeah, I’m picky.

In the end I loaded up on green leaf letttuce, roma tomatoes, sweet potatoes, green onions, broccoli. I still have grapes and bananas. One banana is going to be ready to make some banana French toast 😉

But the fresh fruits and vegetables are not quite at their peak. The watermelon still didn’t look that good. Thank heaven they cut some so you can see what you’re getting. It still looked kind of mealy to me. Its been really hard getting good watermelon since they went to this seedless stuff. And the cherries didn’t look as fresh and dark and plump as I would like. Soon…

Yes, food is a primary focus in my life.

I’m planning a relaxing weekend. I want to get my salad garden in. To you that might be work. To me, its therapy. But first I have to go buy everything. (I don’t like that part.)

And I have to get my June entries done for Rebel Wtih a Fork – But I love my work there.

There will be neighbors home all around me this weekend. My friend Diane wants to go out for dinner one night. My niece was saying she has too much to do for the wedding next week. I offered a helping hand. We’ll see if she calls. Which reminds me, I need shoes to wear to the wedding. The wedding is at the farm, so I think flats are in order! Maybe some with some bling on them?

Wait a dog gone minute! I thought I was going to relax? I’m getting tired just writing about all the relaxing I’m going to do!

If it does get up near 90 on Monday, you might just find me paddling around on my raft…

What about you? Got some plans for this holiday weekend? I hope its a great one! Remember all of our soldiers who make this weekend possible.


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