A good way to accomplish a goal

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English: Watching me watching you

English: Watching me watching you (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How often do we sets goals, and then life gets busy and we just don’t feel like it?

Probably the most harmful words in our vocabulary – “I don’t feel like it.”

Now it would be great if we were stoic enough to say, tough! Do it anyway. And sometimes we do. And other times? …

There’s one thought that makes me do things even when I don’t feel like it.

I have to be a good example.

Your kids are watching. Your co-workers are watching. God is watching.

It works when I am tempted to leave my stuff laying around.

It works when I don’t feel like making dinner.

It works when I’m tempted to slough off at work.

If you want your kids to pick up after themselves and keep a clean home, you have to show that a clean home is important to you.

If you want your kids or co-workers to eat healthy, they have to see you eating healthy.

If it is important that the new puppy be trained and exercised, then they have to see you walking the puppy and training it.

See how that works?

Heck, there are times when I am tempted to leave dishes in the sink and I tell myself, “you tell your readers not to do that, so you better not either!”

Crazy, right? You would never know if I did or didn’t. But I feel like I have to have that kind of integrity and practice what I preach.

So, if there is something that you want to accomplish or be better at, tell yourself that someone is watching, or that you might be found out f you don’t. You’ll be amazed at how that gets you off your duff, even when you don’t feel like it.

Common Sense Lesson –

I learned this in my early days in management – Its really hard to get people to buy into something that you won’t do yourself.

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