A few of her favorite things for Mother’s Day

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Every year people struggle with what to get Mom. They’re always trying to out-do themselves.

The thing is, you know (or at least you should) what your Mom likes or needs. But that doesn’t seem ‘special’ enough, right?

Let me tell you, if I need cookie sheets that I will actually use – I would appreciate those far more than fancy earrings that I don’t have any place to wear.

If I don’t have time to take care of myself, why do you think I would have time to spend a day at a Spa? Would your Mom even enjoy the Spa, or would she rather be outside gardening?

On the other hand, if Mom consistently kills plants, buying a bunch of nice plants is probably pointless.

One of my favorite ideas is to put togehter a personalized gift basket full of things Mom loves – 

Her favorite indulgent lotion, especially if it’s one she usually won’t buy herself. I’ve gotten a couple of imported body butters that I absolutely loved. I never would have bought them for myself. They were great for knees, elbows, heels, and cuticles.

A nice bottle of wine. A couple of bottles that I have gotten that were big hits were Adesso Cagnina Di Romagna, and Rosso di Salento. I believe they are available at any liquor store with a decent wine department. I don’t think they were expensive. Sorry, I don’t know, but they were good. They will satisfy any wine palette, from someone who drinks Zin, to those who like reds.

Her favorite perfumes or body sprays are a good idea really only if they are running low. many women already have too much.

Good chocolate – like maybe that 4 piece Godiva box.

Are there teas that she likes?

Would she like aromatherapy or essential oils? That’s a hot new thing right now and there are a ton of different uses for them. My niece has been using them and swears the oils have kept them from getting sick. She became a distributor. Here is her link if you might be interested – http://www.youngliving.com/signup/?isoCountryCode=ll=2286626&enrollerid=2286626

A flower or plant if she likes gardening. I always need new casablanca bulbs. For some reason the squirrels really like eating the white lily bulbs. They must be a squrrel delicacy.

Has Mom been complaining that she needs new pans? What has she been talking about that she says she really needs but won’t go spend the money for?

There is that new bacon pan at Bed, Bath & Beyond that everyone is talking about. And some Vidalia chopper. People are raving about them. Yeah, I might like those…

I hope that gives you some good ideas.

Put on that thinking cap and come up with some things your Mom would really love.


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