5 Reasons to Eat More of This Summer Treat

watermelon slices

Did You know that Watermelon is a fruit AND a vegetable? Its a member of the gourd family. Watermelon is a freak of nature in even more ways…

Watermelon is high in Vitamin C (1 cup gives you 25% of your daily vitamin C) , Vitamin A, potassium and carotenoids,

Watermelon will satisfy a sweet tooth, but it’s low in calories.

Watermelon has 60% more lycopene than tomatoes, helping you keep a healthy heart – and you don’t have to cook it to release the lycopene like you do tomatoes. Lycopene is also toxic to cancer cells.

Watermelon helps you keep cool and avoid heatstroke in hot summer weather.

Watermelon has a high water content, but it’s a diuretic- it helps your body remove excess fluids. Also helps relieve constipation.

Melons also contain silicon which stimulates collagen production for healthy bones and great looking skin. That with the Vitamins A & C, and this is a great skin care food, giving you great looking skin from the inside out.

And it just plain tastes good!

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Eat More of This Summer Treat

  1. Deb

    Watermelon is also considered helpful with blood pressure.

    From iVillage.com: A Florida State University study suggests enjoying as little as three slices daily can stop pre-hypertension from ever turning into full-blown high blood pressure. The reason: Watermelon is the richest natural source of L-citrulline — an amino acid that kick-starts your body’s production of a powerful artery-relaxing nitric oxide. (http://xfinity.comcast.net/slideshow/news-lowerbloodpressure/8/)

    I love this luscious stuff. Thank you for a great post!!

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