5 foods you should load up on at summer barbeques

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One of the hardest things for healthy eaters is balancing all of the bad foods being served at summer barbeques. Mike Adams has this list of 5 things that are commonly at most barbecues that he says you should load up on. 

1) MUSTARD is loaded with natural antioxidants. It’s made from the mustard seed, a natural Ayurvedic medicine with amazing benefits for your liver. Load up on the mustard! Click here to read more details on the amazing healing powers of mustard.

2) RAW ONIONS, often used on barbeque sandwiches, are loaded with anti-cancer nutrients including quercetin. Any time you get the chance, eat more raw onions (your spouse will love you for it!).

3) FRESH PICKLES are one of the healthiest summer foods you’ll find. Made from cucumbers, pickles deliver almost zero calories while imparting some healthy plant-based nutrients. Just watch out for store-bought pickles made with artificial yellow coloring chemicals which are extremely common in non-organic pickle brands. Choose organic instead.

4) COLE SLAW is a super healthy summer holiday food because it’s made from fresh cabbage, a natural anti-cancer food. Load up on the cole slaw and you’ll send a surge of anti-cancer cabbage juice through your entire digestive tract. You’ll probably need it, too, because of all those cancer-causing hot dogs you’re about to snarf in a hot dog eating contest…

5) FRUIT SALADS can really be quite healthy, but avoid fruit salads made with marshmallows. Only in America, it seems, is fresh fruit not sweet enough all by itself, so locals tend to throw in a bag of marshmallows when making this popular pot luck sugar bomb. (Seriously? Mashmallows?) Stick to fresh fruit, and if you have a choice, go for fruit salads containing blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, as those fruits tend to have far higher nutritional density than apples, pears and pineapples.

Personally, I’m finding that more people are serving more vegetable trays and salads – and you certainly will find tomatoes and watermelon at most barbecues. All good things to load up on.

I feel that one day of not so good eating isn’t going to kill you as long as you eat healthier most of the time (unless you are already a diabetic, in which case you always have to watch everything you eat.)

Just use common sense. Eat less of the bad stuff. I don’t eat a hot dog very often. If there is one on the grill, charred to perfection – I’m eating it! That doesn’t mean I’ll have 5.

What is your favorite barbecue weakness?

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/045859_summer_foods_anti-cancer_nutrients_healthy_ingredients.html#ixzz36eNsON8B

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  1. Beth

    To add to this list you can add avocado to your burger or instead have healthy kabobs. For those I use a small amount of beef or shrimp and mushrooms, onions, peppers, pineapples, and cherry tomatoes all placed on a skewer then grilled. Yum!

    I love mustard so was glad to see it on the list. I never eat hot dogs but would have some of the sauerkraut or a healthy bean chili if it were one of the toppings available for them.

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