After 4 months of chemo, they’re trying to sell me a mammogram?

For those of you that might have missed it, In January I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Gasp! Isn’t that a certain death sentence?

If it weren’t for the blockage in my colon, you would never really know I was sick.

Plus, my arm was still in a cast from breaking my wrist the month before. Talk about a bad streak!

They removed the tumor from my colon. Now the problem was that it had metastasized to my liver. My lymph nodes were clear, so that means it was traveling in my blood stream.

The PET scan showed no other cancer other than 2 small and one larger tumor on my liver.

So I went through 4 months of chemo. I was not brave enough to try all natural, but I did do a combination.

I studied a lot at Cancer Tutor. I sort of cherry picked the things that I would consistently do. I cut sugar down to almost dangerous levels. I took a boat load of supplements.

Let’s be real, I wasn’t going to do fresh juices like 8 times a day and coffee enemas, or try to live on just purple grapes, or any of the other stuff that was too outlandish or time consuming.

I took bits of information about various foods and supplements and applied them.

Through the treatments, my blood levels stayed strong. My CEA levels (cancer in your blood) dropped like a rock.

Now I am waiting for my CAT scan in a couple of weeks to see where we are at.

But at my last appointment, 2 nurse practitioners were working with me so we could set up the tests for the liver surgeon.

The one says, “When was your last mammogram?”

I said, “Never.”

She says, “Oh we have to get you in for one.”

I was astounded. I said, “I had a PET scan and 4 months of chemo. I don’t think I need one.”

She says, “Well we’ll work on you…”

The other nurse looked at her like she was insane.

Crazy, right?

Cancer is a big industry. You’ve got to do your homework, and do your best to keep yourself as healthy as you can.

My Doctor is very happy. He is willing to acknowledge that I did my part – even though he doesn’t really understand all of the supplements I’ve been taking. You can’t argue with my results.

I would think that as a doctor you would try to keep up with this knowledge.  If I had a patient doing this well, I would want to document what she so you could help others.

Our health care system is crazy.

Speaking of crazy, there is one part of the story I haven told you because you will think I’m crazy…

A couple of days before I went into emergency, I was making breakfast. It was just me and the dog. No one else was home.

Suddenly I heard this voice that said, “God will take care of you my child.”

Crazy, right? And he has, and I thank him everyday.

I think faith and attitude make a big difference too.

Cancer Tutor says you have to attack cancer from all sides. I agree. It seems to be working for me.


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3 thoughts on “After 4 months of chemo, they’re trying to sell me a mammogram?

  1. Concerned

    Oh Carole! I hope you are even better now… I just dropped by your blog after a long time.. and really sad to hear this.. Wishing you to get very well soon!
    But I can’t imagine how this would have happened to you.. You are so hard working, you eat healthy & help others.. Weren’t there any symptoms before it got to stage 4?
    And I’m enraged at that doctor-merchant who is trying the milk out as much as possible from your situation.
    I hope your daughter is nearby..
    Congratulations on beating it back this far. And again, wishing you to get completely well very soon. Take care!! God Bless you!

  2. Carole

    “But I can’t imagine how this would have happened to you.. You are so hard working, you eat healthy & help others.. Weren’t there any symptoms before it got to stage 4?”

    That came from ignoring colonoscopy’s and the fact that my family has a history of polyps. I wrote off the symptoms to stress and IBS.

  3. Concerned

    Hi Carole.. Oh, ok…:( Please do take care & take all the needed rest!
    Stress can and does catalyze everything though.. Do relax & take things easy. I know you’ll eat healthy & safe, and you’ll beat this cancer back completely.
    Take care!! God Bless you.

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