33 year old steals daughter’s identity

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That’s right. A 33 year old mom in Green Bay, stole her 15 year old daughter’s identity to go to high school and be a cheerleader.

I immediately checked to make sure that she doesn’t own High Energy Eating. While High Energy Eating will make you look and feel years younger, and give you tons of energy, I would never advocate this kind of deception!

She apparently made the squad too. I don’t think she passed for 15, but it was a mug shot. Who knows how she looked when she went to school. And she was good enough to make the squad.

Her daughter is actually being raised by her grandmother in Nevada.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to go back to being a teen. But wouldn’t it be great to look and feel way younger than you are, and have that kind of energy?

It is great. I look at people my age all of the time, and many of them are so old! Even the men. Seriously. Dating someone my age is like dating grandpa. ICK! I’d rather stay single.

I intend to stay 35 as long as possible. That’s a good age, don’t you think?