American Spirit

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Here’s something to ignite your American Spirit –


These boys are giving their lives to protect your rights. Are you doing anything to protect our rights at home?

Our rights are being eroded at a devastating pace.

When a petition comes around on a subject that affects you and yours – do you sign it?

Do you write a letter or make a phone call when it matters?

I get calls to action almost every day – Stop the FDA, stop monstano, remove our food czar, stop the big mergers, and so many others that no one can keep up.

Do you shrug your shoulders and just let our rights evaporate while these boys are out giving their lives?

Let’s bring back our fighting spirit.

If you don’t have an issue to respond to, here’s a few –

Stop the FDA from removing our supplements

Remove Monstano head from FDA

Stop AT&T from taking over telecommunications

Stop another FAA shutdown aimed at stopping unions

Bring back the American Spirit! We’ve got to stop taking this stuff laying down!