3 Secrets of Getting and Staying Motivated

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How do you get motivated to do a task that may not be high on your hit parade?

When you’re doing a mundane task, how to you stay motivated to keep going?

Sunday was just a beautiful day. I didn’t really have any plans. I certainly wasn’t motivated to pull weeds, but ...

When the opportunity presents itself, take it. 

The ground was just damp enough that the weeds came out easily. It wasn’t too hot. I could get some sun on my legs. I actually had the time, and the dog was hanging around with her owner for a change. That set of circumstances rarely happens.

Though you may not necessarily feel like doing the task at hand, secret number 2 will keep you motivated…

Go for results

One thing that keeps us motivated is results. Its hard to stay motivated when you feel like you’ve worked really hard and have nothing to show for it. When you have a sense of accomplishment, you’re almost driven to keep going.

Find a way to get visible results quickly so you stay motivated.

Later in the day when the ground got dryer and the weeds weren’t coming out quite as easy, I could look at what I had already accomplished and push myself to do a little more. I wanted what I could see from the kitchen every day to look good so I didn’t feel frustrated every time I looked outside – like I hadn’t accomplished enough.

But you might need a little more incentive at that point…

Promise yourself a reward

I think rewards are sorely underutilized for adults. We reward our kids for doing a good job. We reward our pets for doing tricks. What do we get?

Promise yourself that when you finish for the day, you get something you’ll really like. For me it was a piece of chocolate cake, a nice shower, and a good nite’s sleep. All that fresh air and sunshine knocked me out!

So there you have it – 

Take the opportunity when you can

Go for results that will keep you driven to keep going

Reward yourself for a job well done!

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