20 Hours of Stress a Day

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That’s what most people face every single day.

You drag yourself out of bed and into a bathroom that makes you want to keep your eyes closed.

You stumble into the kitchen to be greated by last night’s dishes.

There’s kids, and school work, and breakfasts, and lunches, and missing clothes…

No time to eat anything yourself…

You barely manage to get to work on time and you’re starving and already frazzled. You’re definitely not ready for the next 8 or 9 hours of harried bosses who are totally spastic because of the economy and the dip in revenues.

You make it through the day and fight traffic to get home – only to walk into a house that looks like a bomb hit it.

Dinner usually consists of soemthing out of a box, or picked up in a drive through lane.

You sit in front of the TV starring blankly until you realize that you should have been in bed.

Nothing has been done around the house.

You get to bed too late, and start the whole process again tomorrow.

The weekend – when you should be getting rested and having some fun is spent trying to catch up on all the things you didn’t do during the week.

There is no peace anywhere!

How about if you could change a few of the scenes?

Your morning goes smoothly?

You come home to a clean calm home?

You eat a great relaxing nutiritous dinner that will actually give you some energy?

We can’t control the economy or the spastic bosses, but we can be in a better state of mind – and maybe even have the clarity and energy to come up with some good ideas and get a great promotion.

You can make your life a lot more peaceful. Honest.

If you haven’t already picked up your copy of Live Your Life by Design Instead of by Accident, do it now and see how different your life could look.



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