2 pets per person


Corgi (Photo credit: {ErinKphoto} aka redcargurl)

Its finally raining! Unfortunately, its also thundering and lightening – for hours now. And the dog barks every single time.

I’m trying to keep him quiet so my daughter can get some sleep. She gets up at 4am for one of her jobs. She works from 5-9 stocking shelves at Bed Bath & Beyond. Then she works by me at Sport Decals from 12-6. Then she usually gets dinner started since she gets home before me.

So, I laid on the floor for a while petting the dog. But you can’t pet the dog without petting the cat too. It was a real problem when we had 3 pets.

The dog didn’t get his walk tonight either. That doesn’t help. So, I try to sooth him. The cat doesn’t need soothing – he just wants to be petted 24×7. So, it seems to me that there must be some universal law that limits you to 2 pets – since you only have 2 arms.

What do you think?

Anyone tried that thundershirt? I wonder if that works.

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1 thought on “2 pets per person

  1. Marion Simmons

    Yes a friend of mine just bought that thundershirt maybe two months ago and she said it is working wonders for her dog. Hopefully it helps all dogs but you can always return it if it doesnt I suppose.

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