1st Trans Fat Ban

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How cool is this? New York City is banning Trans Fats
in the City’s restaurants. That is bold! I congratulate
them on that action.

You can read the story here –

Maybe we can’t force people to save their own lives by
eating healthier, but we can make what they are being fed
healthier. Besides, real butter is better for you than the
trans fast and tastes a lot better.

In a radio conversation about a new smoking ban in the area,
I said that fast food should be outlawed – it kills more
people than smoking. I never thought someone would actually
do it. I think that’s cool. How about you? I mean, there is
no value in trans fats unless you are part of the multi billion
dollar food industry who is making a killing (pun intended)
by creating fake foods. But for the rest of us, it is unhealthy
and doesn’t taste good. Why are people so willing to keep
billions of dollars to keep themselves sick?

I know, the real answer is laziness. But honestly, it doesn’t
take that much effort to eat at least a little healthier –

Oh my gosh, I am really on the soapbox tonight, aren’t I?
But it’s true. If everyone were to change their diet just
a little bit – we wouldn’t have so much disease, we would
halt the obesity epidemic, people would live a better
quality of life longer, people would be less dependant on
prescription drugs…I don’t get it.

New York City’s ban is a great first step. We’ll see how it
holds up. I’ll bet the food industry has it’s chemists busy
in the lab working overtime to find another fake solution.

You can create your own ban. Eat real food. Use butter or
olive oil instead of fake fats. Just that little move will
make you somewhat healthier. I won’t go into anymore changes
tonight. I’ll reserve further preaching for another night.

If you really want to get into healthier eating, easily –
stop by HighEnergyEating.com

It’s my mission to make you healthier and happier.

Until next time –


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’