The Food Money Can’t Buy

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I love my neighbors. I really do. They feed me often.  

The neighbors on one side are a little older. They could retire if they wanted to, but they don’t want to. So I’ll do things for them, and they give me homemade Italian food. I like that deal.  

I make sure they can get in their driveway when they get home after a big snowfall – they give me food.

She said she wanted to clean the beach, but couldn’t get to it. I like having things to do when I’m outside – so I did it. They feed me.  

And its not stuff you can buy.

Today he brought me lasagna, an Italian sausage sandwich with grilled red peppers, and a big thing of fruit salad. He’s always kidding me because I eat so much fruit.  

I’m trying to get him to show me how to make some of it, like his red sauce.

And, I’m just about to get my first ripe beefsteak tomato out of my garden. It’s a good week for food! 

There’s 3 points to this story – 

Always be willing to lend a helping hand. 

Show appreciation when someone does lend a hand. 

Good food goes a long way! 

Don’t you feel special when you have something that’s exclusive? Something that not everyone can have?  

That’s the feeling you can have all of the time when you make your own food. And its a fairly inexpensive way to show people that you appreciate them.  

Even your family.  

You might not think that they notice, or even care. But let me tell you – they do. 

How many times have the guys brought something fabulous their wife made into the office?  

I’ll ask my daughter what she wants for dinner. She often just says, “Good food.” 

She gets tired of the fast food joints with her friends, or the packaged instant food at other people’s houses. She wants, and appreciates good food.  

What about you? Don’t you deserve the best? A little special treatment? 

Food that will make you look and feel great? 

Steer clear of the fast food lane tonight and make something fabulous. There’s tons of fresh fruits and vegetables that don’t require any cooking at all this time of year. Throw something on the grill and you’ll be feasting in no time 

Your family will thank you.

Your body will thank you.

Your waistline will thank you.

If you need help finding something fast and fabulous to make >>>

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