12+ Ways to find more money


 Has tax time left you high and dry? Someone told me once that you should be grateful that you have to pay taxes. It means you made money. But you guys know I’m not that noble!

If you’re looking for fairies, flowers and rainbows, you’re on the wrong site. I’m a brass tacks survival sort of girl.

Anyway… if you’re feeling the tax day pinch – here are some tips for finding some extra money –

12 Ways to Find Extra Money

1.   Plan your menus and grocery list around the sale paper. I am the queen of loss leader shopping. Don’t feel guilty about it!

2.   Use coupons.

3.   Shop on coupon doubling days.

4.   Only buy things if they’re on sale.

5.   Only buy things you truly love. So-So – Let it go.

6.   Review your phone service. Are you getting the best deal?

7.   Ditto for car insurance.

8.   Drop loose change into a jar. It adds up quick!

9.   Carry a small memo pad. Write down every cent you spend. A real eye-opener!

10. Sell your used books that are in good condition at Amazon.

11. Clean out closets, storeroom, kids rooms. Plan a garage sale, or sell items on eBay, or bring to a consignment shop, or donate to charity for a tax write-off.

12. Get rid of gas guzzling cars and trucks.


This Lesson taken from Whole Life Overhaul

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Oh, I thought of one more. Do your own minor car repairs. You can find videos on how to do just about anything on YouTube!

 And another – you can cut your cable bill. Get outside, take a walk, walk the dog, play frisbee, play disc golf, clean the house … There are a lot of things you can do instead. You’ll feel better and lose weight too! 

We dropped ours probably 7 years ago now. We don’t miss it. If we want to watch something, we go to the library and check out a stack of movies – free.  

And another – eat healthy. You’ll cut your medical expenses.

OK, that’s enough. My head is starting to hurt 😉

10 thoughts on “12+ Ways to find more money

  1. Carol

    Ask your butcher what day of the week he marks down prices on cuts of beef, then be there to buy it. If you can’t eat it right away, wrap the cuts and freeze them (be sure to mark the date on the package). My grocer marks down produce on Friday afternoons, so I try to get there as near to 6 p.m. as I can for great bargains on portabellos and bags of salad. Don’t buy more than you can eat in a couple of days, or you’ve wasted your money.

    Last night we had cantaloupe salsa with grilled salmon. The cantaloupe was 69 cents and very ripe, which is just right for salsa.

    Thanks for another great article!

  2. Beth

    Eating home-cooked meals instead of eating out is probably the #1 way most Americans could trim their budgets by a large amount. They would be healthier for it too, as well as save on medical bills and possibly eliminate some prescriptions.

    Looking at where money is spent on non-essentials and then figuring alternatives that won’t leave one feeling deprived is key. This could mean changing cell phone plans, using services like Skype which are free,combining trips to save fuel,etc. Establish what priorities are, and what areas are most flexible.

    I agree with you Carole. The library is a great free resource for books,movies,music,magazines, special events,classes, and much more.

    Doing activities you haven’t done in a while can be fun and actually energizing! Putting together jigsaw puzzles, playing card or board games or ones like charades, having potluck dinners where friends all bring a dish to eat, watching the old home movies or videotapes taken of family and trips long ago, viewing photo albums, doing some kind of arts & crafts, or even moving things around and changing the displays in
    various rooms of your home to make things feel fresher, are just a few of the possibilities.

  3. needy mom

    A lot of places offer really good scholarship programs which take care of most of the students’ college fees, not to mention provide other benefits, like day-care and health insurance

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