10 Tried and True Tips To Slim Down By Summer

slim own by summer

Spring is in the air. Pretty soon it will be time for shorts, sleeveless shirts, and (gasp!) bathing suits.

Have you put on a little winter weight?

Its time to start getting rid of that winter weight so you can look great in those summer clothes!

Here are 10 tried and true common sense ways to shed some pounds – without suffering…

Eat Real Food – Packaged, processed, and fast foods are filled with sugars, sodium, fats, and chemicals that will mess up your metabolism and your health. Make your own food.

Eat More Vegetables – duh, right? But the thought is icky, isn’t it? Its really not as hard as we’ve been brainwashed to believe. Here’s an article that will show you easy ways to eat more vegetables…

Get Enough Sleep – Counter intuitive, I know. But when you don’t get enough sleep, you crave carbs for energy. Nuff said?

Cut Out Carbs Late in the Day – (you thought I was going to say cut out carbs period, didn’t you?) Your body uses carbs for energy. Problem is, if you don’t burn them, they get stored as fat until you need them. With most people living a less active lifestyle, and at the rate we eat bad carbs – you can see what a bad situation this can turn into! Eat your carbs earlier in the day when you are more likely to burn them.

Eat Breakfast – They say that people who eat breakfast eat less throughout the day.

Slim Down Dinner – If you want to lose weight quickly, dinner should be 2 cups of colorful vegetables and 6 oz. of meat, poultry or fish. Its more satisfying than you think.

Serve off the Stove – You fill the plates and hand them off. If anyone wants more, they have to get up and go to the stove. It helps with portion control and cuts down on mindless eating.

Stop Eating – Gotcha! OK, I mean stop eating a couple of hours before bed. I find that when I eat enough vegetables at dinner, this is not a problem. My body is satisfied and I don’t want to eat more. Lets be honest – the stuff you eat after dinner is rarely good for you.

Move Your Body – You need to do something to burn those carbs! My favorite is taking a walk after dinner, but I don’t like to be cold. On those days there’s dancing, spring cleaning, mall walking (can be dangerous to your finances..), heck, even pacing around the house.

Tone It Up! Yeah, that means real exercise. But even that can be simple. Here’s my favorite – Just 3 times a week is all it takes!

I didn’t include one big tip because you already know…Drop the Pop! Even diet pop. New research shows that even diet soda packs on the pounds and spikes your sugar levels. There is nothing good about pop. Plus, it doesn’t quench your thirst, so what’s the point? Learn to like water. 

The more you practice these tips, the more weight you’ll lose. You’ll also improve your health and have more energy. Now its just a matter of committing to yourself.

Learn to eat healthy on your terms

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