10 Things You’ll Hate About Being Skinny

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Gap Skinny

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There is a downside to eating healthy. That’s right, as hard
as it may be to believe, life can be tough when you’re skinny.

Here’s 10 things to hate about being skinny –

1. People automatically hate you.

2. It’s nearly impossible to find clothes that fit. Especially since
clothes have been resized to accommodate heavier people’s feelings.
I used to wear a size 6. Now I wear a size 2. Try finding a size
2-tall. You can’t.

Why did they change the sizing? So you’ll feel better and spend
more money.

3. Spider veins show more because you don’t have that layer
of fat to hide them.

4. You’re colder, again because you don’t have that extra
layer of insulation. You’ll learn to love layers of sweaters
if you live in a northern climate. It costs too much to turn
up the heat!

5. Because your muscles show more, people think you’re stronger-
(which you are) and are always asking for your help.

6. You never get any sick days.

7. If you do happen to get sick, you don’t have any excess
weight to lose.

8. Because your metabolism burns everything as soon as you
eat it, it costs a fortune to keep yourself fed.

9. If you want to gain weight, you have to eat over 3000
calories a day to gain one pound per week. It’s nearly
impossible to eat that much without eating foods that
will give you a heart attack in the process.

10. You’ll get frustrated because no one can keep up
with you. Not even your kids.

So beware. If you’re thinking about a healthy eating plan –
you too will have these problems. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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