What Doctor would tell you this?

English: A screenshot from The Revenge of Fran...

English: A screenshot from The Revenge of Frankenstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am flabbergasted!

Bob went to the Doctor to have the pacemaker checked out and hopefully get released to go back to work.

This doctor tells him he can have up to 4 cans of pop a day, and that he should eat more McDonalds.

Seriously! This is the Doctor that put in the pacemaker…

Yes, we are too thin.

Yes, it is really hard to gain weight when you eat healthier foods.

But to tell people to eat things that cause harm to your body?

Heck, I should go back to drinking a 12 pack a day, right? That’s when I was heavy.

No wonder our health care is so messed up.

Hey, if you know a healthy way to gain weight – please let me know!

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