What do you want your home to look like for the holidays?

English: A den or family room in Camarillo, Ca...

English: A den or family room in Camarillo, California, USA with mission-style furhishings and a brick fireplace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its time to really take a look at your home and decide what needs to be done before the holidays.

Take a good look at the main areas of your home – Living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, and guest bathroom. Really assess their condition.

Sometimes all it takes to bring a room back to life is a good cleaning-

  • Wash walls and trim
  • Clean window dressings
  • Clean carpets and upholstery
  • Polish and clean

Some rooms might just need a fresh coat of paint.

Simple things like new lampshades or window treatments can make a big difference.

What’s the least you can get away with?

Last year I was helping a friend get his house fixed up a little. We couldn’t do everything that needs to be done.

I decided that washing down the living room, family room, and kitchen would be good enough for now. I did invest in a couple of new lampshades an a piece of artwork to cover up an eyesore in the living room, but that would have to be enough

The bathroom and dining room were horrible and needed a lot of attention.

You can read more about how we made our decorating decisions and tackled those rooms here –

So now, take a good look at your home. What is the least you can get away with? What really needs to be addressed?

For more help –

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