There’s Still Time To Get The House Clean For The Holidays


That’s right – You can do it!

You’re going to get your house clean and have a system to keep it that way in place so you can get off the house cleaning treadmill and have a home that you’re proud of and the time to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

…already my house is twenty times cleaner than it has been in a long time and it looks set to stay that way.  Anna

I tried it the way that you do it and ba-da-bing! It was done. This is so cool, I am so excited! I am so proud of myself!  Carla

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8 thoughts on “There’s Still Time To Get The House Clean For The Holidays

  1. indrajeet

    HI, Great post , thanks for creating a new page for this cleaning , i was also really scared of my messed up house ,but u have mentioned the task that will work at ease , i am motivated thanks for writing such an awesome article

  2. Yesmin

    I read your blog and I really like the idea of scheduling cleaning tasks on a day wise basis, That makes all the cleaning process so simple and systematic. If we really follow that schedule then there is no room for last minutes rush for cleaning. Thank you for sharing such an awesome idea.

  3. Jason

    Thank you for the useful article!
    I also was raised by slobs but with time I just became a neat freak and I hate when my house is dirty. Now I even have a blog where I give different (hopefully useful) tips and review different products. I’ve also tried different vacuum cleaners, also a robotic vacuum cleaner, so I really could call myself an expert 😀 🙂

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