So Proud of Her

I am so impressed with my daughter. She’s working a grueling schedule and going to school. And she focuses on healthy eating and exercise.

Guess I did OK.

This last weekend we were laying low. She’s been sick lately and decided to double her healthy eating efforts. The girl is really serious.

We were discussing what to have for dinner Saturday night. She wanted teriyaki chicken. I wanted something different. What we ended up with was teriyaki marinated chicken with red bell peppers, onions and broccoli served over rice, and a side of green beans (she took the picture.) We washed that down with some V8 and then went out for pie.

Hey- you gotta have balance!

We went shopping for lunch and snack stuff for the week. I had tried some organic snack bars that I found at Walmart – so we went and got a bunch of those. I would tell you the name except I already took them to the office. I found them in the produce section.

We found this new oatmeal. Its BetterOats, and it really tastes good. It doesn’t have all the crap in it, and it is probably the best tasting oatmeal we’ve ever had. She found a dark chocolate. I’m not so sure about that one…chocolate and oatmeal? We’ll have to let you know on that one. I like the blueberry one.

She got nuts, granola, and dried fruits for her afternoon snacks.

She makes wraps for lunch, or takes leftovers, or falls back on Healthy Choice.

She reads labels. If it has corn syrup or soy, she puts it back on the shelf.

She hates a messy house and takes pretty good care of her dog.

For a 20 year old? I’m pretty impressed.

I often lament that I haven’t been able to do more for her. I had planned on paying for college, and buying her a car. That didn’t materialize. She points out that when I was making more money – she was becoming a spoiled brat.

Its never comforting to go through hard times – but often we find that it makes us better.

There is a quote that says something about when preparation meets opportunity. While I don’t remember the exact quote, it is something I’ve taken to heart. I keep working at imporving my skills knowing that as some point its going to pay off. I get tired and frustrated. I take breaks, but I don’t quit.

And I hope that I’ve been a good role model.


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