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Lawn (Photo credit: प्रतीक)

There are some things that people do to their lawns that seem logical, but they are really hurting your lawn.

Quit Babying It

Did you know that plants of all kinds get stronger when they are not babied so much? Just like people.

If plants are not watered everyday, they compensate by growing roots deeper to get to moisture. If they are constantly watered, the roots will stay shallow, up near the top of the soil – which makes for weaker plants.

Water deeply once or twice a week. That’s it.

Cutting it Short

Scarfed (mower-damaged) lawn on a steep slope

Scarfed (mower-damaged) lawn on a steep slope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mowing your lawn too short will also weaken it. The lawn needs a little height to be able to retain water and nutrients.  When it is cut too short, the soil is over exposed to sunlight and air that will dry and harden it.

Recycle It

Mulching also helps your lawn retain moisture, and the lawn will absorb the nutrients as the cuttings decompose.

Dethatch in the fall and put the clippings in your gardens to feed them nutrients.

Aerate the lawn in the spring. Aerating is simply making small holes that allow water and oxygen into the soil. This can be done with a machine, or by simply strapping on spiked cleats on your shoes and walking the lawn.

When your lawn is stronger, it will choke out many weeds. When the lawn is weak, it gives way to moss, mold, and weeds.

You will still have some weeds, but at least it will be manageable. We used to be able to hand pull most of the weeds until the landlord stopped mulching. Now we have weeds taking over like crazy, huge ant colonies, mold, and bare spots.

Why did he quit mulching? Because they pay for yard waste pick up and feel like they have to fill the cans to the brim every week so they feel they are not getting ripped off. Dollar wise and penny foolish, right?

So by taking a few simple steps, you can make your lawn stronger – 

  • Don’t cut it too short
  • Don’t water too much
  • Use a mulching mower

And for the environment, if you have a smaller lawn use an electric mower. No gas and oil mixing. No pulling the stupid string to start it. Its quieter. Unfortunately, they don’t last as long.

Another wise move is to decrease your lawn. Plant food instead!


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