Perfume Samples in the mail today – How fun!

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This thing is called a 'perfume organ' -- it's...

This thing is called a 'perfume organ' -- it's the place where perfume creators or 'noses' play around with hundreds of essences. Seen at the old Fragonard factory in Grasse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boy, Carson’s must have spent a small fortune mailing out these packages. There were 3 catalogs and 6 perfume samples. Not actual samples you can wear, just the open and sniff kind – but still, 6 of them!

The first one is Lady Gaga, Fame. Pretty nice actually.

The next one is Opium. Really? I already wear Opium, and that is an old one!

The next one is Jimmy Choo. It reminds me of men’s cologne.

The next one is a double from DNKY. The green apple BE Delicious is nice. I’m not big on the apple stuff, but my daughter is. The Golden Delicious has a nice clean smell. Not bad.

The next one is POLO (for men). Is anyone old enough to remember swooning over men who wore Polo? There’s the classic and classy black – yum! And the blue sport which is so-so.

The last one is LaCoste for men. I don’t want my man to smell like that.


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1 thought on “Perfume Samples in the mail today – How fun!

  1. Carole Post author

    The only one my daughter liked was the green apple Be Delicious by DNKY.

    Jimmy Choo got, its ok.

    She hated the Lady Gaga Fame, but I think she was predisposed to hate it before she even smelled it.

    Goes to show you – buying perfume for someone else is really hard!

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