Perfume Samples in the mail today – How fun!

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This thing is called a 'perfume organ' -- it's...

This thing is called a 'perfume organ' -- it's the place where perfume creators or 'noses' play around with hundreds of essences. Seen at the old Fragonard factory in Grasse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boy, Carson’s must have spent a small fortune mailing out these packages. There were 3 catalogs and 6 perfume samples. Not actual samples you can wear, just the open and sniff kind – but still, 6 of them!

The first one is Lady Gaga, Fame. Pretty nice actually.

The next one is Opium. Really? I already wear Opium, and that is an old one!

The next one is Jimmy Choo. It reminds me of men’s cologne.

The next one is a double from DNKY. The green apple BE Delicious is nice. I’m not big on the apple stuff, but my daughter is. The Golden Delicious has a nice clean smell. Not bad.

The next one is POLO (for men). Is anyone old enough to remember swooning over men who wore Polo? There’s the classic and classy black – yum! And the blue sport which is so-so.

The last one is LaCoste for men. I don’t want my man to smell like that.


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