No meat dinner ideas for fish haters

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veggie pizza

If you’re not fond of fish and you observe the Lenten tradition of not eating meat on Fridays, you’ve got it pretty tough. I guess there’s always cheeseĀ  or veggie pizza…

Here are a few of my favorite meatless dinners for you…

Fake Baked MostaccioliFake baked mostaccioli


This one is a staple at my house. Its fast, cheap, and good! You can replace the mostaccioli noodles with ravioli or tortellini for a totally different taste.

I used to make the real Baked Mostaccioli, but I usually don’t have time to actually bake it. This is the next best thing.


Tuscan Beans and Tomatoes

Tuscan beans and tomatoes

This dish is also amazingly fast, cheap, and surprisingly satisfying.


Spanish Omelet

Spanish Omelets

This is another one of my favorites. Serve with a salad and some bread or biscuits and you have a great dinner!


This should get you through!

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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