Much needed rain

Uncut grass.

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We have gotten much needed rain – rescuing the crops, the grass, and the lakes.

And it wasn’t a violent storm!

The grass was brown all over the place. Nobody seems to water the grass anymore, which is good.

The crops, that goes without saying, right? Hopefully its not too late. The price of food is already too high. And we don’t want to miss out on the great foods of the season!

People on the lake were having trouble getting their boats on the hoists the lake was so low. The lake actually rose a few feet today. I can tell because the piles of weeds and algae I was working on last night are now a few feet out in the water.

But there was another advantage to a rainy day. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything getting much needed work done. I like to have all my housework and errands done before the weekend. The weekend is time for a break – not doing housework! That is proving to be a challenge now that I’m not getting home before 6 or 6:30. Not real happy about that.

I think one more rainy day will be perfect.

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8 thoughts on “Much needed rain

  1. Rachel

    Yeah hopefully everything is okay,i can’t imagine having bad weather can’t even drive outside.

  2. Patring Casey

    yes all of us need rain but too much it isn’t good i can even go out with out raincoat and umbrella.hoping for good weather.

  3. Cher Shives

    Farmers want to rain always and but all I want is not to rain hard but not to be too hot as well..That would be perfect…

  4. Robin

    Rain is made by God so we always have to think that it has a purpose…Don’t be sad when it rains because there are people who will be happy with it…

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