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Cure Ugly Feet

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Ugly Feet! It is a sinister, dreaded disease that rears it's ugly head this time every year. It will be warm soon (believe it or not!), and you will want to wear your flip-flops, or cute sandals. But have you looked at your feet lately? Do you really want to show those feet in public?


Follow this process over the next couple of nights and see your ugly feet transform to soft and sexy.


Night #1 -


1. Remove nail polish

2. Trim nails and file smooth. Remember not to round the inner corners of your toe nails. This can cause ingrown nails – very painful.

3. Wash feet with a scrubbing grain product to exfoliate and wash off dead skin.

4. Use a nailbrush to gently loosen and scrub away dead cuticle build up. Use a moisturizing soap or body wash.

5. Once out of the shower, sit down and use pumice stone. Be gentle. Don't overdo this. Take a few days if necessary.

6. Rinse feet.

7. Apply a coat of organic coconut oil. Yes, I'm serious. It works wonders. Be careful – a little goes a long way! Be sure to rub some into your cuticles.

8. Put on some socks and get a good nights sleep.


Do not polish your nails yet.


Night #2 -


Repeat steps 4 – 8, Except, if you need to, use a good cuticle cream to remove the dead buildup.

Do not polish yet.


Polishing -


If your feet are looking good, you can go ahead and polish your nails.

When you do polish, make sure there is no lotion or oil residue on the nail.

A base coat helps keep colored polishes from turning your nails yellow.

Follow with 2 coats of color polish, letting each coat dry completely -.

Apply a top coat to protect.

For a lasting pedicure, I like to use an opal white color. It doesn't show chips like darker colors will. Looks great a lot longer.

Many of the products on the market today are designed to dry quickly. Cold water also helps finish the drying and set the polish.

Now remember to take care of your feet with every shower to keep this from happening again!


For all you moms with daughters going to prom soon – check their feet quick!


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