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Protecting your skin from the inside

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Everyone likes a heatlhy glow. The problem is, the first warm days everyone heads out and overdoes it.
A tan feels good for a number of reasons – it give you a healthy look when not overdone, and it helps your body build its stores of Vitamin D. The infared heat help remove toxins from your body. Sunshine relaxes us.
But it must be done in moderation. Yeah, there's that M word again. And the ultimate secret is to NEVER burn.
But did you know that you can help protect your skin from the inside?
One of the most important nutrients for your skin is Vitamin A. Now, without cheating and going to the vitamins listings – where do you get Vitamin A?
What are those?
Everyone naturally thinks of carrots, but they are in all yellow and orange colored fruits and vegetables. Eating a lot of these fruits and vegetables will give your skin a healthy color even if you never go out in the sun. Weird but true. Even something as simple orange juice fits the bill (as long as it doesn't have extra sugar.)
Cantaloupe is a great skin loving summer treat that also packs a powerful antioxidant punch – which is also important for warding off skin cancer.
And while it's not yellow or orange, watermelon is a powerful skin loving, antioxidant filled treat that is good for your heart. That's right. Watermelon contains more lycopene than tomatoes, and you don't have to cook it to get the benefits. Plus it helps keep you hydrated, and has few calories.
So, we have Vitamin A, and antioxidants. What else do you need?
During the 7 to 8 hours that you are supposed to sleep everynight, your body repairs itself, and that includes making collagen. Getting enough sleep also helps reduce the stress induced cortisol which can age you faster than anything.
As an extra side benefit, when you get enough sleep, your body can more effectively burn calories, and you will have fewer cravings. That's right, getting enough sleep will help you regulate your weight, and keep your skin healthy and younger looking.
Just don't fall asleep in the sun ;-)
Please Note - That's not to say that you will never need sunscreen. No matter who you are, if you are going to be out in the sun all day, you are going to want to have sunscreen. You know darned well how much you can tolerate. Make it a cardinal rule to never burn. That is so important.

Now - Get out of the house!


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