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Pot Roast on the Grill

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What do you do when you're broke and you have a boatload of people coming over for dinner? I had that situation a couple of years ago, and pot roast was on sale cheap. I served it with tossed salad, broccoli salad, and potato salad. If you have a smaller group, grilled potatoes and grilled peppers would be great with it.


No one could believe that it was pot roast. They ate it up!


Pot Roast or Chuck Roast

Garlic Powder

Worcestershire Sauce


Generously sprinkle both sides of pot roast with garlic powder. This

not only gives it flavor, it tenderizes too! Then sprinkle on enough

Worcestershire Sauce to coat both sides. It's best if you do this the

night before, but you can do it in the morning. You want it to sit in

the fridge for at least 5 or 6 hours.


When ready to cook, light grill and let it get hot. Place roast on foil

on prepared grill to avoid charring and flare-ups.


It took about 15 minutes per side to get to medium.


If you have time and you want to get fancy, cut across grain into thin

slices. My clan just took hunks.



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